Dear Pink Skies fans,

Thank you all for your continuing support of Pink Skies. Your comments and posts have meant a lot to me in this long process of getting our film out to the public.

We have good news, PINK SKIES secured US domestic broadcast distribution this month with The Documentary Channel*! They love Pink Skies and are using it to launch Women’s history month in March. The plan is to celebrate female directors and females in general!

PINK SKIES will be kicking off "Her Take," a month of films by women every Saturday night. Our film will be the first film in the series, airing on Saturday March 3rd at 8pm Eastern and again 8pm Pacific. See

The full list of airdates for March is:
03/03 (Sat) = 8pm EST
03/03 (Sat) = 11pm EST
03/16 (Fri) = 8:30pm EST
03/16 (Fri) = 11:30pm EST

* Watch the DOC channel at: DISH 197, DIRECTV 267 or Call your local operator?* Online at: